Women’s Gloves

Blue leather gloves with touch-screen enabled fingertip
Black leather gloves with touch-screen enabled fingertip

Product description

Debby Phelps managed design and development of a collection of gloves for use with touchscreen devices. The project involved patented work for β€œan invention that relates to a hand covering the may be used with an electronic device. In particular, the hand covering includes a conductive portion that enables the wearer of the hand covering to perform various tasks, such as interacting with an electronic device, without removing the hand covering.” (Patent United States 61/183,341, filed June 1, 2010.)


  • Design and development leadership
  • Product marketing
  • Glove design
  • Technical development
  • Technical specification creation
  • Color palette development
  • Color/lab dip analysis
  • Glove fitting
  • Costing analysis, procurement and sourcing